Construction begins on one of the largest projects in London, Ontario

Workers wasted no time on Tuesday to begin dismantling Central Avenue in London, Ont. as the first phase of the Adelaide Street North underpass project begins.

“We are excited to start the project because it will really improve mobility and safety in a key part of the city,” said Jennie Dann, director of building and infrastructure services for the city.

The first phase of the project began on Tuesday and is expected to focus on Central Ave. for several months, closing it from William Street to Adelaide St. Emergency services throughout any construction project are notified with daily updates to avoid any interruption of service.

“We get a list of works going on every morning, whether it’s a partial or full closure, they’re going out and checking their accesses, especially with a full road closure, you need to see what addresses you’re at. can go,” said London Fire District Chief Kevin Culbertson.

The first phase concerns several dozen residences in the area. The impact will be felt on a larger scale when the project moves to Adelaide St.

“And it’s a shame that we had to suffer from covid for two years and now we have to suffer from it,” said Jodie Marsahll, owner of Marshall Pasta.

Marshall has owned Marshall Pasta for 25 years, a short walk from the Central-Adelaide intersection. She expects a headache, but knows it’s a necessary pain to endure.

“It needs to be done, and if it affects our business, let’s say we were gone, it still needs to be done,” she said.

Dann says one of the new tools this construction season has is a dedicated person who will liaise with relevant companies.

“This person is actually going to work on the Adelaide construction project, to basically be the point of contact for all the companies if they have any issues, if they have a delivery that needs to go through,” Dann said.

The project is due to be moved to Adelaide St. in July, where traffic will be diverted to a new level crossing in Adelaide East.

The city is hosting a virtual briefing on Wednesday evening that will detail what will be affected and when.

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