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David Lammy has been repeatedly asked about his party’s National Insurance plans if Labor wins the Tories. But the MP insisted the party would not discuss plans for the general election, but would focus on the concerns of the electorate for the time being, focusing its responses on the cost of living. Mr Lammy told BBC Sunday Morning presenter Sophie Raworth: “There should be an emergency budget because we think it was so bad for people.

“So far there hasn’t been and that’s why people are really feeling the pinch as they go to Thursday’s local elections.”

Ms Raworth said: “Absolutely, but it’s a simple question.

“A future Labor government, if you’re talking about the cost of living, the pressure on people’s budgets, the Social Security hike has come into effect.

“It’s costing people, workers a lot more. Do you want to get rid of it? You don’t want to answer, it’s a simple question.”

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But the folks at Twitter didn’t seem completely won over by Mr. Lammy’s response.

User @BarryStill2 questioned Mr Lammy’s performance as he shared a Labor chart openly suggesting he would indeed be looking to ditch the rise.

He wrote: “Oh my poor @DavidLammy needs to be kept away as I don’t think he’s on @UKLabour comms this week.

“Maybe @Keir_Starmer isn’t advising it because it’s apparently their policy…maybe @GuidoFawkes should update it.”

@alanlyons33 added: “I continued to be confused by the non-politics strategy. I understand the logic of keeping your powder dry.

“But it forces you to make a fool of yourself like that when you’re questioned.”

User @JohnCotton commented: “Which probably means keeping this tax and adding more.

“The country cannot afford a Labor government.”

And @Dazmondo wrote: ‘He can’t commit to repealing it, he’s not the leader of Labor so that’s not a story.’

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