Lifting fracking ban would be ‘economic madness’, expert tells GB News as Tory MPs continue to call for policy change

Donnachadh McCarthy thinks using renewable energy would be a cheaper alternative

Lifting the fracking ban would be ‘economic madness’ as pressure mounts on the government to review its current policies.

That’s according to environmental auditor Donnachadh McCarthy, who believes there’s a much better alternative to lowering the cost of living.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Mr McCarthy said: “We have just seen cinematic coverage of the planet from the space station which shows how fragile our planet is and we are looking at a situation where the Secretary General of the UN said last week, the leadership of our government are setting fire to this planet.

“The idea that we should use fracking as a solution to the energy crisis is a joke.

“We need to accept the cheapest energy to reduce consumer bills in the UK, it’s two things: we need to insulate the energy efficiency of our homes and we need to dramatically expand our renewables and storage because they represent a quarter of the price of fossil fuels, gas and electricity at the moment.

Environmental Auditor, Donnachadh McCarthy

Fracking has been banned in England since 2019

Fracking has been banned in England since 2019

“Fracting is a distraction, if we invest £44billion in new fossil fuels, fracking and North Sea oil we won’t cut a dime.

“However, if we invest that money in renewable energy and insulation, we will drastically reduce people’s bills.”

Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is expected to write to the British Geological Survey asking for a three-month review of the fracking evidence in the coming days.

UK government should ‘fracture’ as cost of living continues to rise, says GB News academic

It comes after a group of Tory MPs lobbied for the fracking ban, which was imposed in 2019, to be lifted.

But Mr McCarthy believes it is only a ‘small minority’ of MPs pushing for the ban to be overturned.

He added: “The vast majority of MPs, around 400-500 MPs, don’t see this as a distraction.

“They understand that the way to lower bills is to insulate our homes and move fast with renewables that cost a quarter of the price of fracking.

“Please ask everyone in favor of fracking, will fracking gas bring our bills down a dime because they can’t answer yes.

“Our gas is on the world market and its current £200-300 per megawatt, renewable energy is £50 per megawatt. This is economic madness.

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