Vice President Harris returns to Oakland with focus on jobs, infrastructure and clean water

Kamala harris landed in Oakland on Monday, the first time to return to her hometown since becoming vice president.

Harris spent about four hours in the Bay Area, focused on building support for the administration $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure, jobs and climate project.

After landing in Oakland, Harris collided with MP Barbara Lee, Senator Alex Padilla and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis.

Harris then headed straight to the San Leandro Water Treatment Plant in Oakland, operated by the Municipal District of East Bay. It was shot, alongside Governor Gavin Newsom.

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There, she spoke about the importance of clean drinking water, equitable access to water and droughts.

“Maybe because I’m a kid from California,” Harris said.

“We need to understand the equity and inequalities in the distribution and access to drinking water, especially clean drinking water, and address them in a way that is to support what governments need to do at the local level at the local level. state and federal level, understanding the opportunities here and that. is a big part of the US jobs plan, which is an opportunity not only to strengthen our infrastructure around water and water policy, ”she said. “Part of our reason for being here to move forward is the issue of water equity, whether you’re talking about Iowa, where I’ve spent a lot of time, and places in the Midwest where people have wells. in their yard and sewage systems on their It’s on their property, it’s there, but it’s eroding and they don’t have the resources to upgrade it and make it safe. “

Harris also spoke about the need to create more union jobs and replace lead pipes to stop water contamination and the health effects of lead in water.

“Let’s replace 100% of our lead systems and lead pipes,” Harris said. “Let’s improve them. Why? Because drinking lead will literally kill our children.”

Newsom has expressed support for the plan, but some Congressional Democrats have expressed concerns and right-wing lawmakers are lining up in opposition. Republicans say they support improvements to physical infrastructure, but believe it goes beyond these issues. They also oppose the proposed increase in corporate tax to pay it.

After the visit, the Vice President visited Red Door Catering in Oakland for a listening session with Padilla, Lee, Kounalakis and business owner Reign Free.

Free’s business has received financial assistance from several community development financial institutions or community banks.

Harris spoke about the importance of community banks and touted the impacts of the recently passed $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill. Some funds have been earmarked for community banks to increase the reach of PPP loans, to provide assistance to smaller businesses, especially those owned by minorities and women.

“There’s a certain connection to people, it’s not about the money,” Harris said. “It’s about growing the community and the community’s economy.”

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Harris returned to Los Angeles for the night. She will be in Chicago on Tuesday to talk about vaccine equity.

Meanwhile, her husband, Douglas Emhoff, was in Eugene, Oregon on Monday to visit a vaccination site.

Vice President Kamala Harris lands at Oakland International Airport, her first visit to her hometown since being elected Vice President. April 5, 2021

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